How to Install Knitrino Beta


Installing on iOS

If you received a link in an email, follow these instructions to install.

  1. Click the link in the email, which will take you to a landing page with two steps. If you do not have TestFlight installed, click the link to "View in the App Store."

  2. Install TestFlight, and accept the Terms & Conditions. Allowing TestFlight to send you notifications will ensure you always get the latest updates for Knitrino. Once complete you'll see that you have "No Apps Available to Test"

  3. Return to the landing page (or re-click the link you received) and scroll down to click to complete Step 2. This will bring you back to TestFlight where you'll be able to install Knitrino.

  4. Once Installed, sign in with your account or click the "Sign Up" link at the bottom of the first screen, and sign up for an account and agree to the Terms & Conditions to access Knitrino.  

Installing on Android

NOTE: THE FULL RELEASE OF KNITRINO IS NOW LIVE ON THE PLAY STORE. Follow these instructions to install the beta version. 

If you receive a link in an email, you should be able to install simply by clicking the link. It will take you to a landing page on the Play Store from which you can download the app.