How to Read Knitrino Charts

Knitrino uses many standard charting symbols and conventions, and some non standard ones. Our goal is to make our charts easier to read and understand, and to simulate the physical world as much as possible. (There are some exciting improvements coming to this effect!)

Symbols and Conventions

Repeating Motifs

Repeating motifs are enclosed in red borders, as shown in the image below. The corresponding text instructions (and indeed, all repeated text instructions) are shown in bold to make it easier for your eye to distinguish.

Short repeats

To conserve screen space, Knitrino has two ways of showing short (typically one- or two-stitch) repeats. If a stitch needs to be repeated a specific number of times, such as knitting 77 to the last 6 stitches, the knit stitch will be encapsulated in red brackets and will show the number of times it needs to be completed, as shown below.

If a stitch or short motif is repeated to the end of the round, instead normal red repeat borders will be used and no number will be shown. In the image below, for example, the instructions state to "[P1, k1] to the end of the row." The stitches encapsulated in red borders, imply "just keep doing this until you're done." 

Stitch markers

The red borders in repeating motifs can be thought of as "implied" stitch markers. Additionally, some stitch markers will be shown explicitly as a black border.

In the Round

For patterns or sections worked in the round, the chart will show you the outside of the object you're knitting. Often you will knit the rows shown multiple times to complete one round, in which case the repeating motif will be bracketed by red borders in the chart and bold font in the text instructions. For example, in a size small of the Astral Hat, the each charted row of instructions is worked 9 times to complete one round. 

For objects worked in the round, the chart is always read from right to left, bottom to top. When you complete the project, marking the last row complete will result in thunderous applause (... eventually. Right now nothing happens, but your project is moved to the "Complete" tab under My Projects.) 

Worked Flat

When reading a chart for a Knitrino pattern that is worked flat, odd rows are the frontside rows, and even rows are the backside rows. Just like "In the Round" charts, Worked Flat charts also show you the front side of the fabric. When you are working your first frontside row, you read the chart from right to left, complete the row, and turn your work to work the back side rows.  Thus, since your chart is showing the front side of the fabric only, the backside (even) rows, are read from left to right.

For patterns or sections worked flat, you will see several visual cues.

  • The backside rows will have light hashmarks on the stitch symbols
  • When the backside row is the active row, clicking on any of these stitches will indicate that it's a backside row and will contain the appropriate instruction for what do to on that row
  • The text instruction labels will use the term Row instead of Round
  • (Soon) The numbers will indicate the direction of knitting:  frontside rows will be on the right, and the numbers for backside rows will be on the left
  • (Soon) There will be arrows that indicate the direction to read the chart
  • (Soon) There will be even better accessibility options! ;)