How to Report a Bug

We want to hear all your feedback! There are some things we’re already aware of, and to save you time in reporting, we’ve put them together in the “Known Issues” article. Please be sure to take a look there before taking the time to report things.

The best way to report an issue or bug is on the slack channel. That way other testers can see it too and will know it’s already been reported. For bigger issues or help, you can use slack or text or email Alison directly (support at

General Feedback

You can give us feedback about anything! What did you like or not like? It's easiest for us to take task items on Slack, but if you have more general feedback you'd like to discuss, we're happy to chat!

Reporting a Bug

When reporting a bug, please be sure to include:

  • What you were doing when you encountered the bug
  • How repeatable the bug is
  • What type of phone you’re using (we need to know operating system and device)

As an example:

“Hey Alison! I think I found a bug. When rotating from landscape to portrait mode, the chart does not recenter. If I exit the app and reopen it, the chart shows correctly in portrait mode. But if I then rotate to landscape and back to portrait, it does not recenter. I’m on an iPhone XS, and this happens every time.”