Windblown Scarf

Notes about Windblown

Windblown Scarf is a beautiful bulky cable scarf that makes a great first cable project. It's designed by Quayln Stark of QUOE, who strives to break the status in fashion and trends in regards to textile construction and execution. In our opinion, he's one of the most brilliant designers out there, and we encourage you to follow his work!

Provisional Cast On - Holder Needle Method

This scarf begins with a provisional cast on at the center, and is then worked to one end. Later, you'll return to the center and knit the other side. There are a number of different provisional cast on methods that can be used, but we like the 2-needle "Holder Needle" method, which prevents having to undo stitches later.  We recommend using interchangeable circulars as the holder needle, which allows you to put stoppers on the end and reduces the risk of accidentally knitting with the wrong needle.

Working the Cast On Row

There's just a tiny trick to knitting the cast on row: some stitches will be twisted, and must therefor either be turned to the proper orientation or worked through the back loop. For those who are comfortable working through the back loop, we prefer this method, as it reduces second guessing and the likelihood of "untwisting" stitches the wrong way. To avoid all question, though, we untwist each twisted stitch in the attached video. 

A few notes:

  • At the transitions between knit and purl stitches (each of the cable edges) on the row you're working, stitches will often look wonky or incorrect.
  • Sometimes you'll be sure something's wrong, but carefully pulling on each stitch, as we show in the video will reveal that no, you're doing it right!